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Blockdrop Minecraft Server Network

Blockdrop Minecraft Server Network

Hello Blockdrop.

I just wanna give a quick update on what happened last night.

After looking into it all, the 'Hack' by the ex staff wasn't intentional. He did leave something not done properly and this left a easy way for some noob kid to come and easily get op.

This has been patched and I have worked through the night to fix it all. Mini Games are now all fixed.

There is a separate issue right now of some games being offline and this is related to a problem with our hosts. This is not something that I can speed up but I am emailing them and getting them to fix that and get those back online ASAP.

Finally I just want to add that, when the bad things happened and people went crazy last night, I did see a few people stay strong and say its all going to be okay. You people know who you are and I just wanna point out that I saw that I think its brilliant! Thank you!

Hello Blockdrop.

I heard about someone 'hacked' mini games.

Its not a hack, its a ex staff getting revenge for being fired, I left himself OP.

The police will be contacted and he will get his punishment.

In the mean time I have closed the server until I can get on to fix it. This will only be a few hours. Im on a plane right now.

Dont worry, I have everything backed up so the server will be back to normal within around 2 hours.

Hello Blockdrop!

So after long anticipation we have the results from the staff apps.

As usual I want to say, there was a lot of good apps, I wish we could have picked more but we can't train people that quickly.

I do want to also say, I saw a lot of good apps that I really wanted to accept but could not because it was either for a server that we are not recruiting for or (the main reason) because the application was incomplete. So please remember next time to make sure the app is correctly filled out.

And now, the big reveal:





Congratulations to everyone who was picked and if you wasn't picked this time then please try again next time as will be doing another recruitment soon.

If you are disappointed about not being picked then remember, this is not the final chance. Remember that our most important value at Blockdrop is all of us working together as a community, this is something we do amazingly and everyone is just as much a part of Blockdrop as anyone else, we are a community and believe in treating everyone equal.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for applying and thank you for being a part of Blockdrop!

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