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Hello Blockdrop!

Today I am proud to announce the Youtuber outreach programme.

Youtube is a great way for communities to grow and I think that having a network of Youtube creators making content for Blockdrop will be a positive and community orientated direction for us to take.

To apply, you do not need thousands of subscribers. I think that a large network of smaller content creators would benefit everyone in the server. The players would be able to have quicker and better access to tips, tricks and gameplay in an easy to digest video format and Youtube creators will have a great way to help grow their channel on a server that is much bigger than most that would be willing to work with smaller creators.

So what does it take to apply? Well, we do have some requirements.

  • At least 500 views.
  • Only Blockdrop videos on your channel (you can have other content, just not other MC servers for obvious reasons)
  • Your video titles contain Blockdrop name/ip/domains
  • No...

May 2020 Vote Reward Winners

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Hello Blockdrop!

Each month we give away 4X$100 store credit prizes to 4 lucky people who voted that month. Each vote is 1 entry and so people who vote more get a higher chance to win.

Its the 1st day of a new month and time for may’s vote reward winners!. If you didn’t win then do not worry as we will be doing exactly the same this month. Remember that every vote is 1 entry to the competition so vote as many times as possible for a higher chance to win!

The winners this month are:
  • sanderten20
  • Suplex
  • fisherman_crazy
  • Skt_T1_Faker
Congratulations to the winners. Just DM me on the forums to claim your prize.

Again, remember that every vote is 1 entry to the competition so vote as many times as possible for a higher chance to win!

Thanks to everyone who entered and thanks for being part of this amazing Blockdrop community.


Vote Winners & Factions Reset

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today I have 2 big announcements! We have the result for the monthly vote prize and also some news about the upcoming factions reset!

First, the vote prize: The following 4 voterss have been picked at random for the prize draw and each will $100 worth of store credit!

- HeroMC
- EthanIsAPerson
- Gl1ch
- ShadowGamez

Each of you can just DM me on discord to claim your prize! For those that didn’t win, do not worry! We now have 4 vote links instead of 1 and we will be doing the exact same next month!

Factions reset:

We have decided to reset factions. The date will next next Friday, May 8th. The reset will mostly be optimisations, with new things comings like stackable spawners and better mob stacking to help reduce lag and make a more optimised and fun server that gives the players to build bigger and better farms than before. We will also be updating the backend version to 1.12.2 to give more blocks available to players!

As with every update, anything...

Skyblock Sonic

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Hello Blockdrop!

Today is time for the biggest announcement in a long time. I am excited to announce a whole new game mode: Skyblock Sonic!

As all Skyblock players know, Skyblock has been extremely popular to the point of some days getting 150+ players online. This makes it the perfect time for us to grow and expand our Skyblock selection. For this reason, we will soon be opening Skyblock Sonic.

For the avoidance of confusion, the original Skyblock has been renamed “Skyblock Astra”. The new Skyblock Sonic will be a completely different type of economy which will not only attract new players to Blockdrop, but also give current Skyblock players more options and a more fun experience!

All ranks currently on the original Skyblock will remain there and the original Skyblock will still be a part of Blockdrop forever. We think that adding this new Skyblock Sonic will actually help the original Skyblock by reducing player load and therefore reducing lag.

The new Skyblock Sonic will...

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