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    theres a d*ck in spawn

    It took me 5 minutes to spot that, and now since I have spotted it, I can't overlook that .-.
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    Bedwars bug

    Bug to report:More number of players joining in a single team(more than the optimum amount) in bedwars Game that you experienced this bug on (factions, skyblock etc):bedwars What rank do you have there?:None How can we re-create this bug for ourself to see it happening? Plz include all detail:I...
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    mute evade

    Mute Evading with signs is not anymore punishable.Denied.
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    Anna Banana

    Anna Banana
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    Dakkz Toxicity Factions

    Hi,You need /realname for him. Thank You
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    Insults /toxic/annoying TheFlamenGamer , Jaithalways , ORI443 , Akmii

    Hi, You need to have /realname for TheFlamenGamer because he has a nickname on. Secondly I can't see any offensive language used by Jaithalways, ORI443,Akmii. Thank you!
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    Taken care,Thanks for reporting!
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    Taken care,Thanks for reporting!
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    Lets have some fun

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    ban appeal

    Change in Ip does not have effect on your punishments.
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    ban appeal

    Can you please verify your username, there is no active punishment for "jarriestarrie" or "gatavana". and the username "jarriestarrie gatavana" is invalid (there can't be a space in username)
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    Got banned even tho i do not hack

    Hi, Please follow the correct format while appealing , thanks! Format- MC name: Ban reason: Ban length: Banned by (staff member name): Do you agree that you broke the rules?: Do you agree that you did what the staff member thinks you did?:
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    Speed Miner

    Taken care, Thanks for reporting!!