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Mar 24, 2016
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Thanks to everyone that watched my twitch stream. Thanks for the support! May 28, 2019

    1. Yurhynes
      HI Tree182, I'm trying to get in your server but it keeps asking for a password. I created an account, i tried using that password but i can't get in. What do i do?
      1. ErwinSm1th
        If you haven’t played here before and the server is prompting you for your password, then that means someone already registered with your name. Choose a different name to register. Hope this helps.
        Aug 23, 2019 at 3:48 PM
    2. jaredbunes
      vond told me to message you recently i bought the ultimate+rank(lifetime) package and i didn't get an email so i had no proof but id did have a screen shot of the site saying purchase complete and i just really don't know what to do so i messaged vond and he said that ss wasn't proof but i took another ss showing that it was my computer and now he's telling me to message you.
      1. MadisonHater101
        This looks like an obvious scam.

        I'd recommend not doing that as logs can easily be checked. Anyone can look up a YouTube video on how to get the "purchase complete" page to pop up.

        Best of luck.
        Aug 22, 2019 at 5:47 AM
    3. ahmed599
      You can get back the sky wars
    4. ahmed599
      You can get back the sky wars pls
    5. ahmed599
      Tree where is the sky wars
    6. Drako64 The Legend
    7. Drako64 The Legend
      Drako64 The Legend
      Hey wassup haven't seen u in facts
      1. kostas2405
        I hope you know what /vanish is
        Aug 18, 2019 at 8:04 PM
      2. Drako64 The Legend
        Drako64 The Legend
        Ik but I didn't see him chat u idot
        Aug 19, 2019 at 9:26 AM
    8. ahmed599
      Tree you can give me free rank?
    9. ahmed599
      What time the survival open?
      1. kostas2405
        Survival opened before a few minutes.
        Aug 16, 2019
    10. Drako64 The Legend
      Drako64 The Legend
      Mr.Tree,about iwbanah thingy can u tell ur staff to keep an eye on fight_boyka because it seems to be his Alt many players doubt him cuz he was almost admitting and in the same fax as iwbanah.if you tell done staff to look after him itll be good.
    11. iwbanah
      1. xXPrideXx
        Why would you tag him if you are commenting on his profile page already.
        Aug 12, 2019
    12. Wendell Armand Castro JR
      Wendell Armand Castro JR
      Hey tree! If its possible for me to have the Discord server it would be the best, thanks!
      1. kostas2405
        you mean you want to manage the blockdrop discord server? No please
        Aug 9, 2019
      2. Wendell Armand Castro JR
        Wendell Armand Castro JR
        I need the discord server, which I mean I wanna join it.
        Aug 10, 2019
    13. iwbanah
      Hello! @Tree182 . I donate for Unbanned but I still banned rip I got proof and U can see it on formus or I can send it on discord if u wan't to

      And Thank you! <3
      1. DeadPlayer633 likes this.
    14. iwbanah
      I need be Unbanned :'( xD
      1. kostas2405
        Lmao dude.
        Jul 28, 2019
      2. DeadPlayer633
        Boi buy one
        Aug 12, 2019
    15. Papilloma
      Hello Today i was voting and in didn’t get the vote key
      1. DeadPlayer633
        Are you sure or are you too lazy to go and vote for his server to get a free vote key?
        Aug 12, 2019
      Tree did you get my application for staff?
      1. Prabhat1
        Since you admitted applying for staff, it will be rejected now.
        Jul 19, 2019
      2. Vond
        There is no staff manager rn
        Jul 19, 2019
    17. ZoMb1EP_Sn1PR
      I buy PLUS on prison and now when i join i dont have it. Why ?
      1. kostas2405
        Wait some hours or even a day.. if it still doesnt work then msg Tree with the reciept
        Jul 15, 2019
      2. ZoMb1EP_Sn1PR
        i buy it 1 year ago
        Jul 16, 2019
      3. Prabhat1
        Jul 19, 2019
    18. Vond
      Happy Birthday :) (was yesterday and I already said it but imma say it here too)
    19. gothic1
      please pay attention to the survival server. people are very complaining about lags, bugs, hackers and the absence of moderators who check
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      3. Prabhat1
        Since you mentioned “hackers” i would like to know 1 name of any hackers within these few days, cause everytime i come survival, it’s clean of hackers as i am mostly in pvparena, very few times people get toxic but 1warn is enough for them. Only hack people ise now is xray cause only admin can get solid proof without someone noticing.
        Jul 10, 2019
      4. Hazard
        @Prabhat1 want me to get BlueSnake7 or HighScoreDemon or ILOVEME back on to hack? Im sure u would get cleaned in seconds and join their side knowin how much ur scared of them also stop gettin annoyin ur not a staff and honestly everyone hates gays like u just go apply for staff if u get it then act bossy
        Jul 27, 2019
        Prabhat1 likes this.
      5. Prabhat1
        I actually was staff when i acted like one. And it doesnt matter anymore whomever u call cause u dont know what happened.
        Jul 27, 2019
    20. Tsetsou
      @Tree182 Hello owner can you please help me with changing my password bcs a hacker had stole it and changed inside the game so please if you can message me pls somewhere i can pay for the change but please help me change it.
      1. Shanks2
        Tree is currently on holiday, direct message him about the issue, don't write it on his profile.
        Jul 7, 2019
      2. Tsetsou
        How i can direct message him ?
        Jul 7, 2019
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