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Mar 24, 2016
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Thanks to everyone that watched my twitch stream. Thanks for the support! May 28, 2019

    1. stander_2400
      @Tree182 U need to change that profile pic its been years with that one :/
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      2. renukar
        NO WAY! its the cutest pic
        Jul 10, 2019
    2. XxX_Ernickex_XxX
      1. Vond
        Not your choice
        Jun 29, 2019
      2. CounterTerrorist
        This guy is desperate as heck.
        Jun 29, 2019
    3. iwbanah
      Hello tree i never report somthing to you but this time i well lol. At faction. crates . I bought 5 perms keys . I open them i got some items and i gor hat and invsee command . And the clearlag has cleae my command . Sow if u can't helo me i'll szns u the screen when server thanksing me on mail

      And thx .
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      2. Prabhat1
        Start a conversation with him and show him proof that you got those commands.
        Jun 28, 2019
      3. TheDiamondKeeper
        DAMN you got lucky AF
        Jul 9, 2019
    4. spydragon
      umm tree182. In prison game it said i was flying or doing something related to it. i swear i wasn't. i accidentally jump between two wodden fences and now i'm ban from the prison more like kicked. so i was wondering if u can un ban/ unkick me from the prison server
      1. Vond
        You aren’t banned.. and you can log on after a kick
        Jun 26, 2019
      2. spydragon
        it kept kicking me out when i went to prison. the other games where fine but prison kick me out. but now i can go to prison it was fixed
        Jun 27, 2019
    5. Wilam
      Tree ive noticed the PVP sword has vanished & know there is no PVP in the hub sadly, pls annouce it or reply wheather this is a glitch or it's been removed -Wilam
    6. gamercruise
      Tree182....When will sky block reset?
    7. Theofficialdude
    8. randymaster
      i buy your dog for larry ok thanks
    9. Sniperwolf
      Hey tree182 just wanted to know if my rank was set to my account SNIPERWOLF
      Can you just please give me a response i need to know if it was set becuse i purchased it....i havnt been answered as yet by any admin please give me response
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      2. Sniperwolf
        No @MariOhara tree made it clear that he does not transfee rank...i was banned when i purchased my ultimate so what am asking is to confirm if my account has been set to ultimate thats all...and i am waiting for my ban to be up..hope you understand me this time
        Jun 5, 2019
      3. Doobaa2000
        Look tree told me, You purchased your rank for SNIPERWOLF122 account and yes, it will be there if you get banned.

        does that answer your question
        Jun 5, 2019
        Sniperwolf likes this.
      4. Sniperwolf
        No Its just SNIPERWOLF
        And thank you @Doobaa2000 thats all i wanted to know
        Jun 5, 2019
    10. NoX_GaMinG
      Tree is better than that streamer who plays league of legends for some reason now
      tree is best forknife playa
      1. Wilam
        Not really & his ADS on the server are kinda *is deffinetly spamming
        Jun 21, 2019
    11. Sniperwolf
      Oh and another question i should ask you since youre the owner if someone was banned and they use another pc with another account why ban that pc and account?
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      2. Doobaa2000
        You purchased your rank for the SNIPERWOLF122 account and yes, it will be there even if you get banned.
        Jun 4, 2019
      3. Sniperwolf
        Dude u dont even understand i bought my rank a few hours ago and i cant check if it was placed to my account because i am banned so am asking tree to just give me a response it its placed already on the SNIPERWOLF account that was banned
        Jun 4, 2019
      4. Sniperwolf
        Thats actually alot of money for me so i need to know
        Jun 4, 2019
    12. iiDuckUnicorn
      *gets pushed off a hill* LUKE YOU MADE ME FALL AHHHHHHHH
      1. iiDuckUnicorn
        May 30, 2019
    13. ElFuhrerino
      Wtf come on you can't be serious.
      "I choose my nickname so if I get banned without any warning I can't get anything back"
      What kind of logic is this
      There were no rules anywhere saying that things like my nickname are not ok
      1. NoX_GaMinG
        the logic is....... we're in a cracked server!
        Jun 4, 2019
    14. nikkats
      i pay for unban end wait 2 hour
    15. Tree182
      Thanks to everyone that watched my twitch stream. Thanks for the support!
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      3. kostas2405
        Im waitting for ur next stream
        May 28, 2019
      4. Constantine II
        Constantine II
        im still waiting for your respond on my dm's T^T
        May 29, 2019
      5. RyanPaul01
        Good Luck Tree
        Jun 5, 2019
    16. Beefie
      How can I apply for staff in Factions?
      1. ic3eggs
        Go to the forums home page and look to the right, underneath help there are Application Forms. Click Staff Application.
        May 25, 2019
      2. xXEsguerraXx
    17. Constantine II
      Constantine II
      @Tree182 hey i really need my Staff rank on the forums, im a Mod on surv, and also why CraftAyush was banned on the website?
      1. NoX_GaMinG
        something something spamming or just being mean ;<
        Jun 4, 2019
    18. WolfGamer232
      Could you please delete my account off this website?
    19. nikkats
      tree can I pay for unban katsiakos
    20. _MissCute_
      sorry for saying that on chat for you but my friend send me a vid you might lag idk
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