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    Thread that you locked

    a) You cant do ban appeals for other people. This is because its unfair to double their ban length if they get caught lying, as they didn't make the appeal. b) Once a thread gets locked. Please do not make a repeat of it. c) Starting a thread with "@DaddyEmo are you born stupid or u just...
  2. Tree182

    Fsgamer03 it's not doing the Moderator' Job!

    No. You can see from the rules that its a 1 day mute @FSgamer03 Please follow the rules in future.
  3. Tree182

    dear tree please help this is a very urgent case

    Its not even a lag farm. I went on and there's like 8 spawners and no mobs. Honestly this is the exact reason why you should claim around your land. Other people are entitled to claim anywhere on the map so make sure your claim is protected!
  4. Tree182

    12 Days Of Christmas $240 Giveaway!

    Hello Blockdrop! First off I want to say that this is about Christmas but we are an open community that accepts all religions. Whatever you choose to believe, You are a valued member of our community and are welcome to come and win a special holiday prize! It’s that time of year again. This...
  5. Tree182

    An Issue With the Prestige System

    Getting to P1 is supposed to take days.
  6. Tree182

    VersagePlays Ban Appeal

    We dont even have watchdog on prison and I can see clearly that you was banned in the lobby for using a VPN. Denied. Locked.
  7. Tree182

    An Issue With the Prestige System

    It seems like a lot. because you came into it mid-update. But to put it in perspective. P45 requires 22.4m blocks broken and then P46 requires 23.4m blocks. So is is incremental, its just that you was already on a high prestige level when we changed the thresholds so now you need to 'catch up'...
  8. Tree182

    Rank Transfer

    We do not do rank transfers. Sorry.
  9. Tree182

    The New stacking Plugin Problem

    We already updated it so that villagers do not stack. Thanks.
  10. Tree182

    Watchdog Yummy Yes

    Denied. For the 3 reasons: 1) Watchdog is extremely accurate and we do not reverse watchdog bans. Specially with this being your 2nd in 1 week. 2) Your video could easily have been edited. It would not be hard to just edit the jpg of the ban screen right next to the video of you playing. Even...
  11. Tree182

    Prisons is now open!

    Prisons is now open!
  12. Tree182

    Gift Card Question

    Yeah. the gift card will just come off of the value and then you will pay the difference.
  13. Tree182

    Hackers #1

    I checked the logs. The proof was fake. @berrycuute is unbanned. @ILoveHotPotata Cya in 2 months. Thanks.
  14. Tree182

    My ban is just unfair

    You are unbanned because I think its obvious that you aren't him. But you cant really complain that you got banned. Going around saying that you are an alt of a banned player is just as dumb as 'jokingly' admitting hacks. At the very least is annoying and wasting staff time so just dont.