1. Tree182

    Infinite diamond

    Thanks for reporting this. We will get this patched today.
  2. Tree182

    LifeIsOk Suspected Hacked Undead Account.

    I just checked the ip's and they aren't even in the same country and the person who made the purchase. Il ask him for proof. Thanks.
  3. Tree182

    LifeIsOk Suspected Hacked Undead Account.

    And you are saying the hacked account is called "Mustafa1291" ?
  4. Tree182

    LifeIsOk Suspected Hacked Undead Account.

    It looks like Lifeisok was perm banned a year ago?
  5. Tree182

    June 2020 Vote Winners

    Hello Blockdrop! The following 4 voters have been picked at random for the prize draw and each will $100 worth of store credit! 040Henning 0hIvano ActuallyLogical MalPresagio Each of you can just DM me on discord to claim your prize! For those that didn’t win, do not worry! We now have 4 vote...
  6. Tree182


    Okay we have added a patch for this. Ive tested it myself and it seems fine. Let me know if anyone noticed anymore issues similar.
  7. Tree182


    Yeah. Blockdrop's backend is 1.12.2 for factions so id advise to use 1.12.2 for the least buggy experience. You still get the 1.8 combat as everyone does in factions. I will look into this bug, but for now 1.12 is a good temporary solution.
  8. Tree182


    What MC version are you using? Tag me when you reply.
  9. Tree182

    Suggestions For Factions Cause It Is Actually Unplayable

    This is not a bug report. If it’s that bad then record it and post as much info as possible in bug reports.
  10. Tree182


    I just tested the chunk busters and they work fine with no bugs at all. We don't have any errors reported for them and the logs show them working fine. Locked.
  11. Tree182

    I got banned when my brother did

    Your ban is an ip ban. We treat anyone on the same ip as the same person. Its not a bug, your brother should not hack and get your whole house banned. Thanks.
  12. Tree182


    The reason for this rule is because we have such a diverse player base that if everyone spoke their own language, there would be so many different languages in main chat at the same time that each person would only understand around 10% of what's actually being said in chat. Having 1 language...
  13. Tree182

    LynchReaper Mute Appeal Factions

    Stop trashing random threads. Last warning Proof has been supplied. What you said is not okay. Another person not being muted for the same thing is obvs something we should look into but its also not an excuse for you to be toxic. Appeal denied.
  14. Tree182

    No plz nenios this

    This is nothing to do with you. Please keep out of it.
  15. Tree182

    No plz nenios this

    @TheAnnabelle91 Please post your proof here.