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Hello Blockdrop!

A lot of people have noticed that, even though we are constantly finding new staff members, the amount of hackers in mini games (Skywars, Bedwars, Eggwars and Practice PvP) are still high.

This is due to the act that these games are harder to staff, because they rely on players going into separate arenas, we would have to have 1 staff in each arena and that obviously would need hundreds of staff.

The problem I find is that normal players lose out to the hackers. They do this because hackers just don't care if they get banned, but the regular players who are committed to Blockdrop do not want to hack and risk a ban so they lose to the hackers.

My plan is let anybody hack in these mini-games would be a way to make everything even, so that the committed players who love Blockdrop can also hack back against these hackers to make everything fair.

Right now it is just an idea so I will make a poll on this thread to find out what the valuable Blockdrop community thinks, so please use the poll to vote if you think we should allow this.


Hello Blockdrop.

I have noticed a few people saying that we should be recruiting more staff and everyone that knows me knows that I see the server as belonging to the players. So if the players want more staff then the players get more staff! I have recruited some today and will be getting a few more in a the following weeks.

Thanks to everyone for applying and to those that did get picked: please PM me your Skype name so we can get started with training.





City Life

I am really excited to be recruiting more staff. The staff we have right now do an amazing job of tacking hackers and helping players and I think it will be great to expand on that. If anyone has any recommendations on who should be staff then please comment below.


Hello Blockdrop!

Im so excited about some things happening in BlockDrop right now that I think it's time for me to tell you what we have planned.

You may have noticed the big updates to City Life and Factions over the past few months. These updates will be spreading to other game modes. Skyblock will be the next big update, then followed by Prison. I will try to update both without actually resetting. The biggest updates will probably be mini games. Skywars, Eggwars and Bedwars are all due a revamp before the summer.

I will also be recruiting a bunch more staff in the very near future, probably in the next few weeks so if you haven't applied then I would recommend applying now.

I also have set up a youtube channel. I did this because so many interesting and funny things happen on the server and I think youtube would be the perfect place to show these awesome things to everyone. My channel is and my first video will be released this week. Click here to subscribe to be first to see the new videos. Because of the YouTube I will also be doing a lot of drop parties lately and live streaming them for everyone to see.

As you can see we have a lot of amazing things planned and I'm so excited for Blockdrop in 2018. I can easily imagine us reaching 2000 players online and I know 100% we will be having some amazing updates coming as soon as this week!

Thanks for playing Blockdrop and more importantly being a part of this amazing community that is now (thanks to YouTube) going to be witnessed by the world! #WeAreBlockdrop