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City Life Help

City Life Help

Welcome to the City Life V4 Help Page!

(Click HERE for a street map to find your way around)

How to gain money:
It is possible to get money in the following ways:

  •  Purchase it at the donation store with /buy or
  • Use the mines at the ‘work’ (right across from spawn) to mine ores and sell them for money.
  • Complete fun challenges like egg collecting and lantern making at the farm to earn money with farming.
  •  (Donator or Donator+ only) Create a shop in the mall and sell items! Maybe use the mines and the abandoned factory to gain materials to use and then make items to sell.
  • Remember, even if normal members can’t make a mall shop, they can still sell to mall shops so look around the mall to get the best price for your items.

How to get around:

A few great ways to get around the map are:

  • Purchase the Donator+ rank for access to easy /warp’s that will get you instantly to any destination.
  • Use the underground station next to spawn. This is the cheapest but can’t get you to all places easily.
  • Purchase a car from the car dealership and drive around! Remember to pick up your car when you exit it so it won’t get stolen.
  • Purchase a helicopter! This is the best and most classy way to arrive in style but it comes at a cost. Helicopters are expensive but can be won easily in the Donator crate at spawn.

The Mall:

The mall is now player shop compatible. This mean that players with a Donator or Donator+ rank can create their own shop in the mall. They can create shops to both buy and sell items. If you have a donator rank and wish to make a shop then 1st rent the shop and then place chests to put the items in. You can find instructions on how to make the chest shops under the stairs outside the server owned shops.

Please note that each Donator rank is only allowed to rent 1 shop and must use it as a shop and have their house rented separately somewhere outside the mall.

The Farm:

The Farm is a great new way to earn money! The 4 challenges are:

  • Egg collecting: Collect eggs from the chickens and sell them back to the farmer.
  • Sheep sheering: Get the sheers from the farmer and sheer the sheep. Then sell the wool back to the farmer.
  • Leaf collecting: Help farmer George collect as many leaves as possible from the tree field and then sell them back to him.
  • Lantern making: Collect the pumpkins and then mine the coal and make some sticks for torches. Combine them to make a Jack Lantern that can be sold back to the farmer!

Abandoned Factory:

The abandoned factory is a Donator only place. Its purpose it to help shop owners find resources to make items to sell in their shop. Feel free to mine any part of the factory as it will regenerate every hour.


City Life casino has actual working slot machines. This is a great place to gamble your money and win big!


The perfect place to use that /marry command.


The only pvp-enabled part of the map. A great place to test your strength and create a reputation as a PvP master.

Food Outlets:

We have loads of mcdonalds, kfc, subway etc themed food outlets around the map. Food is also available at the mall. Make sure to always have food with you when walking around or mining.

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