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Can I apply for staff?

Sure, please do! Click the link here to apply.


Can I change my username?

Although most BD players have official Minecraft accounts, we are a cracked server. This means that we don't rely on Mojang so we can be online 24/7 even when Mojang have bugs and issues. This also means that your Blockdrop account is based entirely on your username. If you log in with a different username then that will be classed as a brand new account by the server. While we are okay with you having more than 1 account, its not possible to transfer any ranks or game data to a different username.


Can I change my password?

If you know your current password then just go to one of the lobby's (do /lobby) and then do /changepassword to get to the password change server. You can then do '/changepassword *OldPassword* *NewPassword*' to change it.


Why is only English allowed in chat?

Blockdrop has players from all over the world, between us we speak more than 100 languages and we think this is amazing and something to embrace. The problem though is that we don't all understand each others languages. For this reason we keep the main chat to English only. This way everyone can understand what is being said in public chat. Using other languages in /msg or in /f chat is okay.


What mods can be used on Blockdrop?

The mods we allow are: armor & effect status mods (Armor Status, Effect Status, HudPixel, 5Zig*, etc), Optifine, Replay Mod, Shaders and F3+B. If you think something should be added to this list then feel free to make a forum post and state why and we will look into it.


I applied for staff. When will I hear back?

Sometimes it takes time for us to check for applications and sometimes we wait until a need for staff arrises so you may not hear back straight away even if you are on the approved list. If you make forum posts asking about the app or pester staff for a response then you will automatically be denied. Unfortunately we do not have time to contact each unsuccessful applicant so if you do not hear back then you would not have been successful but thank you for applying.


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