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  1. Tree182

    12 Days Of Christmas $240 Giveaway!

    Hello Blockdrop! First off I want to say that this is about Christmas but we are an open community that accepts all religions. Whatever you choose to believe, You are a valued member of our community and are welcome to come and win a special holiday prize! It’s that time of year again. This...
  2. Tree182

    Black Friday Sale

    Hello Blockdrop! Its nearly Black Friday again and we have a sale! To celebrate our new gift cards, we will be giving 20% OFF ALL EVERYTHING until cyber monday. Thats 6 more days. Those of you that know Blockdrop know we do not have many sales. This will be the last sale for a long time so...
  3. Tree182

    TeamTrees (we made a mini forest)

    Hello Blockdrop! I am proud to announce that, at the end of our TeamTrees event, we raised a total of $196. As promise, I will double that, using my own money, making the total from Blockdrop to be $392. That is 392 Trees planted! I think we should be extremely proud that out community can...
  4. Tree182

    Welcome To Blockdrop Forums 2.0!

    Hello Blockdrop! Welcome to the new forums! Due to our new server link feature, you will be required to register again for a new account. This will mean that all accounts on the forums will now be linked to server accounts, making any type or reporting or account queries a lot easier and...
  5. Tree182

    Template - Please Use This

    For your ban appeal to be submitted properly, please use the following template: MC name: Ban reason: Ban length: Banned by (staff member name): Do you agree that you broke the rules?: Do you agree that you did what the staff member thinks you did?: If not please submit proof and an...