1. GhostJ


    Player banned, locked.
  2. GhostJ

    Hehe gray sus

    Player banned, locked.
  3. GhostJ

    Heheh Red sus

    Player banned, locked.
  4. GhostJ

    Report 2

    You need /realname in the same screenshot as proof. Denied, locked.
  5. GhostJ


    Player muted, locked.
  6. GhostJ

    hacks admit

    Player banned, locked.
  7. GhostJ

    Ah yes other cheat

    Player banned, locked.
  8. GhostJ

    Ah yes

    Player banned, locked.
  9. GhostJ

    Ah yes Cheat

    Player banned, locked.
  10. GhostJ

    i mean dis guy didnt deny hackin

    Not admit. Denied, Locked.
  11. GhostJ

    yis #30

    Player banned, locked.
  12. GhostJ

    Ban appeal

    We count an ip as 1 person, doesn't matter if it was your sibling or someone else, they hacked on the same IP as you, and you get IP banned.
  13. GhostJ

    yis #28

  14. GhostJ


    That kind of attitude isn't going to get you anywhere Big ego you got there, I suggest you settle down
  15. GhostJ


    Version has nothing to do with this. Other than some visual features and pvp style, nothing else is affected. Nonetheless, it doesn't matter which version either of us is using.
  16. GhostJ


    I'm not sure about the bridging bit, it was for a short while so don't think it shows anything. Now that you've mentioned that Raininblack didn't turn red, it does seem like he didn't take damage and it could have been my visual misinterpretation from a far view. Let's wait for an Sr Admin to reply.
  17. GhostJ

    Huzicool admitting hacks

    Player banned, thanks for reporting, locked.
  18. GhostJ

    3uca3b admitting hacks

    Player banned, thanks for reporting, locked.
  19. GhostJ


    There was no report, I was watching you. Looked like anti knockback when the fireball hit, though it wasn't a direct hit at you, there should've been some knockback as the player was near you. Proof: @WallaceIsDead
  20. GhostJ

    Can we get to Z?