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April Updates

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Apr 18, 2019.

By Tree182 on Apr 18, 2019 at 8:38 PM
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    Hello Blockdrop!

    As the people who have been here a while will know, I always think of this server as a community server. I think of myself more of a care-taker than the owner and I think of it as my job to make sure that the server runs how the general Blockdrop community would like it.

    I have noticed a few people commenting on the anti-cheat and it not doing what its meant to do, so I decided to take action! I have done the following things:

    • - Ban lengths extended (1 Week, 2 Weeks & 1 Month)
    • - Watchdog now ip bans instead of normal bans
    • - Staff will be given extra powers to take care of hackers
    • - It will become an offence to use a VPN

    We will also be soon adding anti-vpn software that will auto ban people who use a vpn instantly. This is to stop people ban evading.

    I hope that this is the crack down on hackers that everyone was hoping for. I think we will soon be one of the least hack-friendly servers.

    Also: Some may have noticed that City Prisons has now been removed from the selector. The reason for this was that it is not a popular server. We have a lot of new people joining Blockdrop and we want to show them just how vibrant and fun Blockdrop is by letting them join our good game modes. For this reason, City Prison is removed from the selector as it generally gets less than 5 people online.

    Obviously we care about the community and the people who already have made progress on there. We would never just delete a game mode and leave everyone with losses so you can still access City Prison by going to the normal Prison game mode and doing /cityprison

    Thanks for reading!

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Apr 18, 2019.

    1. ISoraI
      Finnally they added
    2. Antoniorigo
    3. brahimii
    4. Christian_Girl
      @Tree182 I think watch dog needs to ban Every1 ipban for hacking and peeps who won't be banned they should be admins soo they can take care of each other
    5. brahimii
      @Christian_Girl what you said dosnt make any sence
      watchdog now does ip ban
    6. Fantastischerm
      Thats all fine, but Prison is still full of Hackers, I think u dont care about Prison, we have a few bugs and trouble here and to fix them we need an Admin [only you] like the Mine B and C, other fact is that you wasnt online in Prison since 10 Days, we need Help in Prison and you dont do anything, we reported these Problems too, but the Mods or Helpers can do anything for us [Donators] and its not the work to kill/kick/ban the Hackers in PvP!
    7. Fantastischerm
      im mean the *cant* do something
    8. Christian_Girl
      IP ban forever
    9. Antoniorigo
      is the stuff refunded to paypal? after you bought something in prison city life?
    10. RyanGamingXbox
    11. Antoniorigo
    12. sundar
      LET THE UPDATE ME GOOD LOL and add something like Immortal rank back and the mortal and higher rank is too costly :p
      I got banned from your sever for using hackline when i dont even know whats hacklient?? please unban my username shovanMatrix
      watchdog gone wrong, banning non-hacker so many people have quit ur sever for this reason take charge quickly
    14. ErwinSm1th
      Retard, it has hack in the name.
    15. Nikki72
      why cant you have multiple admins around the world in different timezones so the server is watched twenty four seven without complicated software?
    16. Nikki72
      even better we could just ignore the hackers, ive realized that most hackers hack just for views on thier youtube accounts. if we just ignore them it will discourage them from hacking.
    17. Prabhat11
      Not exactly how it works.
      what do u mean retard back 2 u

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