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Factions Revamp

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Nov 29, 2017.

By Tree182 on Nov 29, 2017 at 6:03 AM
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    Hello Blockdrop!

    I am excited to announce that our main game mode is about to revamp!

    This Friday December 1st Factions will re-launch!

    We have amazing upgrades for factions, including:
    - KoTH (king of the kill)
    - Envoy drops
    - A whole new and improved factions plugin
    - Withdraw XP
    - Bounties
    - Updates to the way cannons work, we will be using the 1.7/1.8 system that people love so much.

    We also kept a lot of things the same so don’t worry about it all being different. The aim was to keep it similar and keep all the things that work, but to also add in a bunch of new and exiting things that people would love and I think we got that mix perfectly right. I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of it.

    This of course means a reset. I know some people do not like resets and this is why I make each re-launch so much better than the last but please remember that this is just how Minecraft servers work. It is not possible to go on for ever and every server has to reset. You may notice that on Blockdrop I keep the time between resets as long as possible. Some things won’t reset and this includes ranks. Donator ranks are guaranteed for life but for this reset we decided to also let the in game ranks stay. In game rank data will be taken from TODAY. This is to stop people from spamming all of their remaining money into ranking up really high before the revamp. So any of the free /rankup ranks purchased with in game money after today will not be transferred to the revamp.

    All ranks will be re-sent. All factions powerboosts will also be re-sent. The powerboosts may take a few days to get re-added so please bear with us. Any extra things (like fly commands, or the builder kit) are considered permanent and will also be re-sent. Normally Minecraft servers do not resend temporary donator items such as crate keys but I think it is unfair if people do not have long to use their rewards so I will be re-sending any Donator crate keys that have been purchased within 1 week of the reset. This does not apply to Premium keys as their rewards are permanent anyway.

    On Thursday we will be marking the end of the current season with a purge. This means giving everyone in the gamemode access to force teleport to people. We will also be making a /kit purge available to help keep everyone equal during the purge.

    I am so excited for everyone to see the new factions.


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Nov 29, 2017.

    1. Nikki Kerree
      Nikki Kerree
    2. StanTheWombat
      Guess I'll have to come play facs again
      marparlol1 likes this.
    3. EnriqueK
      @Tree182 you're doing great on the server : D
      But ahm... if there will be a Skyblock reset, we gotta talk...

      Gg on the revamp tho
    4. Ashik
      I love this update I just love it :D
    5. Shqiptar
    6. xXwaosawXx
      that looks so thicc
    7. Moonace27
      OMG so awesome!
    8. unsterkiller32
      are ranks going to be reset?
    9. Kirino123
    10. letmeinpls
      I should have never left the server in-game
    11. yakhang12
    12. Javon02
      I see a dinosaur xD
    13. troopsbomb48
    14. Vond
      A purge :> well then. But honestly tree with all are arguments and blocking we have is way past this is amazing of course im not a one thats likes resets but with this is happy! :)
      HatedChild likes this.
    15. HauntedPast
      awh, I've gotten so far with my base tho xD
      meh, I was only a member rank too, if anything this will only effect my base and it'll be a fresh start kinda thing for me I guess
      but this reset always helps servers like these and I was factionless.
      hey, since its gonna reset soon, people can start planning whos gonna be in who's faction again, which is cool cuz I was gonna ask to join vond's (cuz waosaw told me he gave leadership to him instead lol) or bxn's (are their factions allied?) so yayz for reset and fix.
      P.S. Let the purge begin
    16. MikeInspiration
      Tbh I love the new updates but wht I would have really loved is more working enchantments, the gkits and changing the armor and weapons into normal factions criteria like max prof is prof 4 but donor set is prof five and the same goes for the weapons.

      And @Tree182 can u plzz fix those enchants we have currently.
    17. MikeInspiration
      But I'm very confident and sure 100% that u added and changed tons more stuff.

      And the reason why i brought up the prot 4 topic was because they gkits were prot 4 with new enchabts what's up with that @Tree182
    18. iiDuckUnicorn
      Reset on sb = kms
    19. inHaze
      That is a nice announcement you got there.

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