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Factions Season 8!

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Sep 26, 2018.

By Tree182 on Sep 26, 2018 at 12:21 AM
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    Hello Internet Minecraft Peoples!

    Today I have exciting news that I know a lot of people have been waiting for. A new factions season is upon us!

    As always with factions, we keep the main core of our features, the ones that work and that people get used to and rely on. We have removed a few things and also added a lot of new and exciting things that we think you will love! Anyone who has a donator rank will be pleased to know that we will be re-adding the /kit reward only for factions, to make sure we have a big and fun opening day!

    The new season will start on Friday 28th September at around 8am in west coast time.

    Just a few of the new features/changes include:
    • Bounty and XP merchant have been removed!
    • Watchdog accuracy improved significantly.
    • Enderpearls are unbanned.
    • Iron Golems now die instantly and dont drop roses.
    • /Alerts added to give you factions alerts for things like broken blocks in your claim or members logging in..
    • Genbuckets have been added with 5 different materials. These let you instantly build walls and help build bases much quicker.
    • The in game free ranks have been massively buffed and now come with cool features like /smelt or /Jellylegs (no fall damage).

    Plus much more!

    Those that have been on Blockdrop for a while may notice that releasing factions before the new City Life update is unusual. The reason for this is that the city life update is BIG. I want to keep it a surprise but il just say that the map is getting a lot bigger, with multiple islands. As you can see, we have lots to get excited about on Blockdrop!

    Thank you for reading. I can’t wait to be online and see everyone joining and being excited about the new things. That free and fresh feeling of starting from scratch on factions is so exciting.


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Sep 26, 2018.

    1. Vond
    2. King
      Nice some stuff for free ranks aswell:)
    3. StanTheWombat
      Should be good
      Vond likes this.
    4. UniSis
      I'm not so excited about starting everything from zero and but the new map and stronger watchdoge sound nice...
    5. TheCrazyShun
      Don't play Factions but, Awsome!
      BorisMC likes this.
    6. NegaZek
      yayyyy no more op hackers xD and @Tree182 i hv prepared some $100 for the new season yay
    7. iiDuckUnicorn
      So skyblock doesn’t get kit reward unbanned pearls or instant ig death ;( meanie anyways ima get ultimate+
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    8. Silly
      Well, coolio. New factions update. OOOO It's xEarl_'s map yay :D Gg! :D
    9. Pug4LIFE
    10. kostas2405
      omg that will be awesome.. 1) no more op hackers 2) So many new cool commands 3) Awesome map 4) i think bounty should stay so we can track but ok.. THIS SEASON WILL BE AWESOME :D:D:D:D
    11. HarukoX
      damn why doesnt skyblock get "removed roses" or instant ig death well i guess that would be too op for us but still that would be nice also don't unban epearls in skyblock
    12. DamagedCraft
      Wait is this a reset? Factions was reset lately I have op stuff i dont want to lose and I worked so hard on my faction
    13. DamagedCraft
      OMG plz no.
      If i lose all my stuff i leave this server.
      I worked so hard on this.
    14. EuCalyPtus2
      Well, this is like so so so good thing. I like that we get better wd and imma get undead after reset.
      Thanks Tree182 for killing op hackers this time :D.
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    15. KProKgamerK
      this new update is great the ranks the enderpearls are unbanned and everything
    16. WBMJunior
      Will purchased money carry over? Also what about f power?
    17. Vond
      Nothing will carry over. Everything is from scratch, only things you will have is ranks, power, and commands.
    18. Mantas
      Gg finally reset I will buy 20£ keys in new season! Thanx for upgrading watchdog server was bleeding from hackers amount I love this server!
    19. DamagedCraft
      Aren't you crazy? all your progress you worked so hard on will be lost.

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