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Factions Update.

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jan 8, 2018.

By Tree182 on Jan 8, 2018 at 5:07 AM
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    Hello Blockdrop!

    I hope everyone has had an amazing Christmas and new year. I am looking forward to an amazing 2018 on Blockdrop and I'm sure a lot of others feel the same!

    Some of you may have noticed that Factions and City Life have been offline tonight, this has been caused by a hard drive fault on the actual server that these game modes are on. The hard drive corrupted and I have been awake all night trying to save the data (it is now 5 am for me right now). Obviously this is not something that could have been avoided. It is just bad luck that it happened to us but I will do the best I can to minimise the damage.

    I managed to recover most of the factions data apart from some parts of the world map and some data about the members of different factions. For this reason I will have to reset the map and faction data. This will mean that you will need to build a new base and make a new faction again but it also means that any enderchest items and any balance will be kept. I tried really hard with the inventories an enderchests because I know this is where people keep their most important items and I'm pleased to say that these have been saved!

    Obviously this isn't ideal and I wish it didn't have to happen but these kinds of problems can strike against anyone at any time, it is just 1 of the risks with computers. I hope that what I have managed to save will still be fun for everyone.

    Factions is back up right now and city life will be up within around 1 hour hopefully.

    Thanks for reading. If you have any issues with any donations that have been effected by this partial reset then please pm me on here and I will help you.


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jan 8, 2018.

    1. lamborgini
    2. zakee_13
      lol it’s a good thing all my op stuff is in my e chest lol
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    3. StanTheWombat
      lost my base all 16 blocks of it xD
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    4. Pranksterboy32
      lost nothing cause I found out that I got kicked out of my faction... RIP me xD
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    5. zakee_13
      Lol I have 5 dragon heads and elytras and god axes and costom books and port crystals and stacked ult bows and swords and stacked undead bows and sword and stacked picks in my e chest too and 3 stacks of gapples just in case. I’m not shure when we log on are we gonna have the stuff that we loged our with, if we are GG I had stacked 8 ult and undead gear and 5 stacks of creeper eggs and like 5 stacks of golden apples.

    6. Kirino123
      We just got raided so I guess nothing bad can happen xD
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    7. zakee_13
    8. zakee_13
      @Kirino123 when you loged on were there anything if your inventory?
      When you loged out did you leave anything in your inventory?
    9. Kirino123

      Faction reset, That means all my decorations are gone.


    10. Kirino123
      I leave nothing valuable on me while I log out :3
    11. CJC
      A big news...
    12. Snoop_Weeeedy
      I am really looking forward to factions, but Tree182 Please Do Something about Hackers problem, the anti-hack "watchdog" working really low and everywhere is hackers, only 10% is banned, and still they freelly "killaura" and all hacks they posibly can. Please work on better Anti- Hack system. Server and people needs it, make a fair community, with factions wars going. Kind Regards, Snoop_Weeeedy. (Sunny~)
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    13. zakee_13
      But did you have anything in your inventory?
    14. Kirino123
      Idk some slabs and woods, lava buckets... xd
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    15. zakee_13
      Was it in you inventory when you loged on today?
    16. col5000
      Tree, the
      city life mine is empty .Some player and i go find out and they are all empty except at the alchemist mine have a blue car
    17. CJC
      Oh yes...
      My inventory items still here!
    18. zakee_13
      Thx, that means I still have 5 stacks or c eggs and 5 stacks of gapples (8 all together) and 8 stacked ult and undead gear/ weapons and pots and books
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    19. Vond
      if my echect and inventory got cleared imma be hella upset im not loseing 3 donor axes and 24 stack mortal gear

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