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Genreal stU/Aff, Staff members ignoring rule breaking by rank players

Discussion in 'Abuse Reports' started by Curser, Mar 25, 2019.

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  1. Curser

    Curser Member

    Sep 28, 2018
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    Staff member that you are reporting: @Haonslegne @xXPrideXx @elelmon @MadisonHater101 @Doobaa2000 @ProfessionalHML @krstevski37 @H3LL0

    Game mode this happened on: Report of a payer on survival, forum

    Date this happened on: 21-25.03.2019

    What happened: Rank player broke some rules, reported him few minutes after he did that. Staff ignored it till 3 threads expired one after another. As you can see in 'Report Player' section, most of them were active in it at the time of all or part of those threads were not locked by inactivity. When I told another player to create his own report instead of posting screenshots in one of my threads, because staff will not see as they are actively ignoring it - @MadisonHater101 came in, posted excuses about offence expiring and locked last thread.

    Please upload proof and add it into the thread here:

    As to screenshot about original offence by LilWhiteTee, you can find it in any of threads that were linked above.


    Let set up some time lines of staff activities in section 'Player reports':

    1st thread:
    Thursday at 12:02 AM.
    elelmon, Thursday at 12:06 AM
    elelmon, Thursday at 12:07 AM
    elelmon, Friday at 6:58 AM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 12:47 AM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 2:57 PM (<- this one is funny, recism by a MEMBER)
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 2:58 PM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 3:00 PM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 6:23 PM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 6:26 PM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 9:21 PM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 9:26 PM
    xXPrideXx, Thursday at 10:56 PM
    Doobaa2000, Thursday at 1:46 AM
    Doobaa2000, Thursday at 10:07 AM
    H3LL0, Friday at 7:09 AM

    2nd thread:
    Friday at 10:21 AM
    ProfessionalHML, Friday at 7:42 PM
    ProfessionalHML, Friday at 7:57 PM
    ProfessionalHML, Friday at 8:09 PM
    MadisonHater101, Saturday at 12:27 AM
    Doobaa2000, Saturday at 4:00 AM
    elelmon, Saturday at 7:29 AM
    H3LL0, Saturday at 7:59 AM
    ProfessionalHML, Saturday at 8:25 AM

    3rd thread:
    Saturday at 9:39 AM
    Doobaa2000, Saturday at 12:06 PM
    ProfessionalHML, Saturday at 12:08 PM
    MadisonHater101, Saturday at 3:46 PM
    MadisonHater101, Saturday at 4:06 PM
    MadisonHater101, Saturday at 4:08 PM
    xXPrideXx, Saturday at 8:45 PM
    MadisonHater101, Saturday at 11:20 PM
    MadisonHater101, Yesterday at 12:39 AM
    MadisonHater101, Yesterday at 2:48 PM
    elelmon, Yesterday at 7:40 AM
    MadisonHater101, Yesterday at 2:52 PM
    MadisonHater101, Yesterday at 2:54 PM
    MadisonHater101, Yesterday at 3:58 PM

    So stop using - we didn't see it by accident. Honest, sir. - as an excuse. It is freaking embarrassing to watch.

    (P.S. MadisonHater101 - I wished you would read what you write. Especially when you cite a definition - I do not know how you could confuse anything I do here as passive.)
  2. ProfessionalHML


    Jun 14, 2018
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    We’ve punished ranked players before, so I don’t see why you complain about the staff members not punishing ranked players. I don’t even kno who is LilWhiteTee and I’m not his friend. This is a similar abuse report, duplicate thread, thread is locked.
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  3. elelmon

    elelmon Staff

    Apr 8, 2018
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    I don't even understand the post, maybe he should shorten in to 20 words next time.
  4. MadisonHater101

    MadisonHater101 Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2017
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    Please. Stop. Wasting. Time.

    With all the time you've been wasting on this one topic, you could've spent reporting many other players for racism.

    If you have a problem with the current staff, apply and stop making a fuss about each thread that doesn't get taken care of. The staff don't have giant meetings saying, "Yeah, so looks like a report was made on a donator, let's ignore it". That's not how BlockDrop works. That's not how any server works as far as my knowledge goes. The only thing you seem to be doing is causing both an annoyance to the community and staff, along with wasting time that could've been used elsewhere.

    (P.S., showing that I was active 3 days after your thread really isn't helping you here).
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