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Holiday Warp


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Hey, I'll be quick about this. Like it says in the title, "holiday" warp. This can be the one of the core set-ups if we actually make scheduled events for any/all of the gamemodes. (cough cough hint hint staff folks) But of course like any good idea, there will be a "bite back" on it. It would be which holiday would be celebrated on. My first assumption would be international holidays as (BD IS A DIVERSE SERVER YES YES) but then could go to some more focused holidays or "millenial holidays"
I'll let the staff figure this one out if this ever becomes a thing. I am doing this as of from where I am today, it's Valentines Day. (A holiday that is recognized)
Happy Valentines Day to all with a significant other and if you're alone on this holiday... well who am I kidding... most of the player base is. (Jk jk)