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Its finally here *drum roll*

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jul 4, 2017.

By Tree182 on Jul 4, 2017 at 8:37 PM
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    Hello Blockdrop!

    So after long anticipation we have the results from the staff apps.

    As usual I want to say, there was a lot of good apps, I wish we could have picked more but we can't train people that quickly.

    I do want to also say, I saw a lot of good apps that I really wanted to accept but could not because it was either for a server that we are not recruiting for or (the main reason) because the application was incomplete. So please remember next time to make sure the app is correctly filled out.

    And now, the big reveal:





    Congratulations to everyone who was picked and if you wasn't picked this time then please try again next time as will be doing another recruitment soon.

    If you are disappointed about not being picked then remember, this is not the final chance. Remember that our most important value at Blockdrop is all of us working together as a community, this is something we do amazingly and everyone is just as much a part of Blockdrop as anyone else, we are a community and believe in treating everyone equal.

    Thank you for reading. Thank you for applying and thank you for being a part of Blockdrop!

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jul 4, 2017.

    1. UltraGamerZ_YT
      Really hoping for me to be staff but. Gg :)
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    2. hamood_171
      what about city life..
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    3. 321cba2
      what about CityLife Tree?
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    4. The_Ellimist
      @Tree182 Honored to have received this Promotion, will make sure to uphold my duties to the best of my ability.
    5. Maia
      Thank you very much! I hope to make Blockdrop the best I can and improve it to the best of my abilities! GG to everyone who applied. You can try again next time and it will be better. I just wanna say that i am also very grateful
    6. UltraGamerZ_YT
      What's your ign? A skyblock staff name,m
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    7. Maia
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    8. Celsius
      Tree, Factions will still die. The 3 people are unactivate. Zakee_13 would of been activate but hes not coming back till september. Anyways tree i wanted to warn you about it. So you should extened the faction applicaations because of this.
    9. 321cba2
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    10. xX_Kevin_Xx3
      Left out , feels good , I still know I work harder than anyone here. I still know no one will do what I can do.
      Anyways , now you will see the 'show bye hacker time'.
      Time to prove who is the best here !
    11. 321cba2
      "show bye hacker time" what is that?
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    12. Celsius
      Tree there is 3 unactivate staff on factions. Hopefully you see this. Redew the staff applications please.

      Zakee_13 wont be back till september

      Cameo_YT bearly gets on i did /seen Cameo_YT been offline for 12 days

      U GOT REKT also bearly gets on. for like 5 days then get on for an hour then leaves.
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    13. xX_Kevin_Xx3
      Your new here so , some info.
      I'm Kevin , The buster of 427 Hackers in total , all proved on my YT channel videos.
      Now I'll go for the achievement : 500 Hackers.
      New staff means someone will actually deal with hackers so , I'M BACK !
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    14. Maia
      Hacker busting will become SOO much easier. Especially since there's the /ban feature (will new staff will learn to use) so hackers will go bye-bye in an instant
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    15. xX_Kevin_Xx3
      I'm so glad you will become a staff , now I have where to refer my vids :p
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    16. BCCommunity
      Dude Stop Heheheheheh
      BlockDrop Is Going To Die
      Ofc No
      Since maia Is Staff Member
      Everything Is Okey
      Hope New Staff Won't Be Like The Last Ones :p
      @Tree182 I Suggest Re-Picking Staff
      Some Of Them Are Un-Active
      And Some Are Immature
      But I Can See Smartness When You Picked maia And The_Ellimist
      Hope My Suggestion Will Get Noticed
      @zakee_13 Get On RN
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    17. The_Ellimist
      Thanks for the Vote of Confidence mate... :)
    18. xX_Kevin_Xx3
      Made a little research on these new staff and , 2 result dead. ( I can't see it on prison , /seen don't work )

      - Cameo_YT : Offline since 12 days & 17 hours.

      - KDstevie23 : Offline since 1 Month , 4 days & 16 hours

      They just wrote the app and quit.

      Cmon @Tree182 you know who deserve it here.

      Attached Files:

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    19. BCCommunity
      That's Right You Deserve It
      But That's More Like Begging For It
      Isn't That Right
      We Understand That You Worked Hard On BlockDrop
      And You Know About Staff More Than The Others
      But Tree182 Knows What He's Doing
      So Please Stop Telling Him To Recuit You (In Undirectly Way)

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