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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Oct 19, 2017.

By Tree182 on Oct 19, 2017 at 2:04 PM
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    Hello Blockdrop.

    I have seen a lot of complaints about hackers so I do have a plan.

    Instead of recruiting staff slowly, it could be possible to recruit and train around 80 staff (8 each for each of the main game modes) and get them online as often as possible.

    The aim would be to have at least 1 staff online in any game mode at any one time, this would result in less hackers and less toxic people in chat.

    I know that most of Blockdrop are amazing people who make our community amazing and would want to get rid of the few who ruin it for everyone.

    I do always say that this server is made by the players so I will leave it down to a vote. Please use the vote on this thread to say if you would think its a good idea that we should recruit loads of staff.


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Should we recruit at least 8 staff for each game mode?

  1. Hell yeah!

    156 vote(s)
  2. Im not sure, maybe?

    14 vote(s)
  3. No way!

    8 vote(s)


Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Oct 19, 2017.

    1. Damnations_Crede
      That would be a great idea, in my opinion. I agree with speeding up the process.
      +1 for Hell yeah!

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    2. DetectedForce
      Hmmm... well i think that would be a good idea. We really need more staffs for protecting this server. +1 for Hell yeah!
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    3. ghostdive
      what if you recruit a hacker ? or a ex hacker?
      what if they are a griefer ?
      their gonna griefer the spawn and stuff.
      and if u recruit those bias player,
      they might be unfair to new players
      or players they dont like
    4. DetectedForce
      He can know if hey hack or no. We can spy at them and watch their work.
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    5. ghostdive
      they can act dude
      not all hackers are stupid
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    6. DetectedForce
      They can act but at the end the Truth will be revealed.
    7. Damnations_Crede
      Watchdog is pretty good at it's job, and with tree and jelly watching, I doubt many hackers and / or toxic people will get in. All it takes is a single report from a player on staff abuse or improper acting as staff-in-training. Don't forget that Tree has a brain. He isn't so stupid as to recruit people he would know may be toxic or a probable hacker. Oh, and as @DetectedForce said, in the end the truth will be revealed. The whole community will be watching as well, everyone seems to get glued to staff and staff-in-training.

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    8. ghostdive
      watch dog aint that good
      cause if someone is using a gaming mouse
      and their clicking speed is fast
      watchdog takes it as kill aura
    9. Tree182
      The staff will have strict rules. If they abuse then they will be instantly demoted.
    10. Damnations_Crede
      There are still a few other parts in that list I typed, and you can tell Tree that, since he is the one that made it.

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    11. LoneSurvivor
      I think that the risk to speed up the process is indeed to have inadequate staff, but I think that the benefits of it could be higher than the flaws.
      It would be anyway better for all the players.
    12. ghostdive
      i guess thats ok then
    13. LucidVisions
    14. Damnations_Crede
      I haven't seen any proof that it is actually their mouses, or their browsers, or YouTube or anything else similar. Those are just a few examples of the excuses that people have used since I've joined that I have seen. I believe that there was only two times that was true because tree had watchdogs guard too tight, and he turned the bot down just a little bit so that it wouldn't be biting everyone's asses. Since then there hasn't really been any appeals that I know of that have been accepted because of mouse clicks or YouTube videos. Some of them could have been true, sure.
      No proof has been supplied yet that could validate their words though, and everything in this world requires proof now before anyone (most of the time) really believes it. As Tree said as well, they will have strict rules, and I'm sure that they will be watching the staff as much as possible. The community won't just be ignoring the staff-in-training either, and neither will the other staff-in-training.
      There are a lot of factors in this you have to pull in, such as people, watchdog, the server, Tree's choices in general, if the chosen can really even handle the things they have to do every day, in schedule, without many breaks at all. Tree won't just choose random people, he will probably sift back through all of those staff applications he last said he had, and choose around the 80 or so he needs that he believes would be the best choices. Of course, that's if this idea is even accepted first by the community.
      Another thing is giving Tree and Honestjelly, as well as this Schaufeln person suggestions for the server so that they can improve things, as well as any ideas you might have about how they could faster get reliable and trained staff for the whole server.

      The more minds, the more power, the more knowledge = success

      There are thousands on this server, and they should be encouraged by everyone - including the donators, who seem to be revered more than the normal player - to come onto the forums and post their own suggestions, about whatever game-mode, person, staff, rule, plugin, and / or whatever way the server might be ran, if they see a better way to do it. Any ideas, I believe, would be welcome.
      Who knows, all the ideas rushing in might send a light-bulb up into someones mind and have them post an ingenious idea that would change the server for the better. Just pm them to Tree or Jell-o or Schaufeln depending on whatever game-mode I guess, or just make a public thread for everyone to see.

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    15. Pranksterboy32
      sounds good to me but I better not find new crap around here like staff abuse
    16. Ruzzel
      I like this idea.
    17. HauntedPast
      BD was always under-staffed by A LOT in my opinion.
      I think this is the idea MANY of us have been waiting for to make the blockdrop server and community better.
      Even if only about 50 or 40 people make the cut, it'll really make an extremely positive difference.
    18. HauntedPast
      And prankster, abuse was and will never be the problem, trust me.
      It's just the toxicity and misunderstandings that get out of hand, from personal experience of course.
      Plus controlling emotions and not letting personal matters affect a staff member's words. <---(important)
      That, and not leaking owner-staff info. (my bad tree) ;-;
    19. stander2400

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