Hello Blockdrop!

Today is time for the biggest announcement in a long time. I am excited to announce a whole new game mode: Skyblock Sonic!

As all Skyblock players know, Skyblock has been extremely popular to the point of some days getting 150+ players online. This makes it the perfect time for us to grow and expand our Skyblock selection. For this reason, we will soon be opening Skyblock Sonic.

For the avoidance of confusion, the original Skyblock has been renamed “Skyblock Astra”. The new Skyblock Sonic will be a completely different type of economy which will not only attract new players to Blockdrop, but also give current Skyblock players more options and a more fun experience!

All ranks currently on the original Skyblock will remain there and the original Skyblock will still be a part of Blockdrop forever. We think that adding this new Skyblock Sonic will actually help the original Skyblock by reducing player load and therefore reducing lag.

The new Skyblock Sonic will open within the next few days so look out for that! We are so excited to see what people think!




im excited for this new skyblock thingy BUT
what difference does it have with the current skyblock?
Nice Update But CityLife also lacks a good update if u could pls pls take cautions to reduce the lag
its unbearable to some people who have low end pcs