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The Build Competition.

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jun 2, 2018.

By Tree182 on Jun 2, 2018 at 10:10 PM
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    Hello Internet!

    As you may know, we had a build competition so that the community could get their chance to submit their ideas for the factions spawn. I know building is a lot of work, it takes so much time so I didn't expect more than 2 or 3 people to apply. I was wrong.

    A lot of people applied, with a lot of really good builds. The original offer was for a $50 prize for the winner but I wanna make that a bigger prize, because I feel like I want to show more support and appreciation for our community and the effort that people put into it so I am going to add runner up prizes. So the new prizes are:

    1st place: $50
    2nd place: $25
    3rd place: $10
    Everyone who did a (full and complete) build submission: A crate key

    The problem is that I have a tie between 1st and 2nd place. It is between Baycruse119 and .蛸焼Earl_. So please both of you, could you add me on discord and send me the world file for the maps. I think the way to decide the winner from those 2 is to actually go on the builds and see them from a MC perspective.

    3rd place is KeihinFCB so please pm me to let me know what you would like as your $10 prize. Anyone else who submitted a build please pm me to let me know which server you would like your crate key on!

    Thank you to everyone that submitted builds and thank you to everyone that plays Blockdrop and supports our great community!

    Summer updates will be coming extremely soon and I can't wait to have our 5th busy and fun summer. I am excited to see how everyone likes the new updates and just wanna thank everyone for being such an amazing community. What makes a great server is not the plugins or features, the main thing that effects gamleplace are the other players. That is why it is the community that makes Blockdrop great. The way that you all are, so friendly and you make the games so fun. That is what makes new people want to stay and that is what is helping Blockdrop be 1 of the longest lasting Minecraft servers ever!

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jun 2, 2018.

    1. Vond
      Oo, gg to the people that won!
    2. Silly
      Thanks, Tree. Well Done to Baycruse119 and .蛸焼Earl_ and KeihinFCB

      Is it a premium key or a donator key?

      Well done once again to the winners and thanks.
    3. Tree182
      You can choose either.
    4. Silly
      Okay. Thanks, Let me have a think :p
    5. Vond
      Should have entered :/
    6. Silly

      Tree, I would like a premium key on factions please.

      I was in such a dilemma but that's my decision, thanks.
    7. Tree182
      you need to pm me so I can keep a record of who has them already. Include your mc name just for confirmation plz.
    8. Silly
      Where do I pm you, I'm a bit confused ;P
    9. Silly

      My IGN: Silly
      Discord: SillyTimmy5769
    10. Tree182
      Thats not a pm lol. Click my name/pic then click 'start a conversation'
    11. Silly
      Okay, you'll have to explain it to me there, i'm so puzzled knai.
    12. Silly
      I made a conversation, waiting on you now buddy.
    13. Silly
      I'm the only one legitimately worthy of getting a key lol.

      I came 4th out of 4th so I was last.

      That's pretty sad to be fair :(

      I completed it though.

      I tried hard and didn't stop posting about my build

      I went on holiday too so I was limited

      I think I did good even though I didn't win and I'm proud of myself :D
    14. letmeinpls
      @Silly told you that i already won lul
    15. Silly
      You didn't win though.

      you didn't have a completed build so you came DNF essentially...
    16. .蛸焼Earl_
      May I put my discord here or pm @Tree182 ?
    17. Silly
      Well, I'd like to know your discord so please put it here but lots of people may add you


      Tree would like you to make a conversation though so click on his name and click start a conversation. Then you'll have to wait for a reply. Well done on getting at least 2nd. Congratulations
    18. iiDuckUnicorn
    19. .蛸焼Earl_
      I added you please check your discord @Silly thankyou =)

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