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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jun 28, 2019.

By Tree182 on Jun 28, 2019 at 2:20 PM
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    Hello Blockdrop!

    It's that time again! A new update is upon us!

    This time it is on the Skyblock server. But, not just any Skyblock update. This is without a doubt the biggest update ever to happen to Skyblock. We have added daring new systems like completely removing the whole spawner/mob economy!

    I will start with the most impressive new part; The Shop. This is likely the most advanced shop on any server that is out right now. We know a balanced economy is a vital part of keeping a good server working well, so we have integrated neural networks and machine learning to constantly update retail prices for every item in the shop based off its popularity and demand. This means you'll see prices change in the shop (as the neural network learns more, prices will fluctuate at first and then stabilise as time progresses). I am so excited to see this working in the Skyblock server with everyone using it and I think that you will love it as much as we do!

    As you read earlier, the economy has also changed. We have switched to a farming economy and integrated a unique recipe system to ensure that gameplay is tiered and progressive. You must unlock specific recipes in a specific order to advance your island to each new level and gain more selling power as a result!

    We have so many other features that I am sure you will find fun and amazing and I can’t wait to see what everyone thinks of this massive update.

    As always, if anyone finds any bugs, glitches or exploits, and if you have any suggestions then, please don't be shy, and send me a DM on the forums.

    Thanks for reading and more importantly, Thanks for being a part of Blockdrop.


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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, Jun 28, 2019.

    1. PoepiePoepiePlas
      ummm Tree182 i have problem i got banned cuz probably it was the guy that hacked my account, i just got it back 10 minutes and i wanted to play but i saw i was banned. i changed my password and added a email to my mc account. The hacker of my account used my account as a alt on your server. and because of this i got banned
    2. TheDarkness555
      Well... Its Bad Because I Banned dont Have more Evidence
    3. Keylant
      wow this update is so shitty the prices are up above the sky. COBBLESTONE and more expensive then Emelard BLOCK. yea that is Balanced for sure
    4. Keylant
      cobblestone is*
    5. JGaming436
      @Tree182 plss put back the night and day back and weathers like snowy weather if you buy in biome it only turns water into ice. so that it is easy to spawn mobs plsss and it feels nice to be dark more challenge.
      brahimii likes this.
    6. Alpha111
      when are you going to make a factions update :/ its literlly the best gamemode in blockdrop ;-;, yes skyblock has more players but man factions is global elite level against silver rank skyblock
    7. Greenpizza066
      Not true but they made a mistake deleting minigames it reduced players infact you deleted everything including bedwars,eggwars ETC.2017 this stuff were here now gone Youre killing the server without you even knowing it believe me not lots of people play here now.BEWARE SKYKINGDOMS IS COMING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!
    8. Greenpizza066
    9. Suad77
      pls help me somebody stohle my car and sell it on ebay in game and im very sad ;( all this hardwork.

      Your server is so good but make a lock funktion if you can do it.

      bye have a good day. :)
    10. Alpha111
      there is a lock function lol
    11. Alpha111
      i mean its still the most popular cracked server, blockdrop hits 1.5k players very often at night. So even without those 2 gamemodes its still the best cracked server.
      spudpig likes this.
    12. spudpig
      Could you turn down the farming requirements? The potatoes make the carrot recipe hard to get.
    13. spudpig
      He removed those modes because they were unpopular. Can you try scrolling down on the homepage?
    14. spudpig
      1. There is a lock.
      2. You're allowed to steal cars.
    15. XxX_Ernickex_XxX
    16. XxX_Ernickex_XxX
    17. iwbanah
    18. DeadPlayer633
    19. MissClutch
      hope next announcement is about Survival
    20. XxX_Ernickex_XxX
      hope next announcement is about Minigames came back

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