Hello Blockdrop!

Today I have 2 big announcements! We have the result for the monthly vote prize and also some news about the upcoming factions reset!

First, the vote prize: The following 4 voterss have been picked at random for the prize draw and each will $100 worth of store credit!

- HeroMC
- EthanIsAPerson
- Gl1ch
- ShadowGamez

Each of you can just DM me on discord to claim your prize! For those that didn’t win, do not worry! We now have 4 vote links instead of 1 and we will be doing the exact same next month!

Factions reset:

We have decided to reset factions. The date will next next Friday, May 8th. The reset will mostly be optimisations, with new things comings like stackable spawners and better mob stacking to help reduce lag and make a more optimised and fun server that gives the players to build bigger and better farms than before. We will also be updating the backend version to 1.12.2 to give more blocks available to players!

As with every update, anything purchased for factions between now and the reset day will also be sent on the day of the reset so you get to use those items twice! You may notice some slight increases in store prices, this is because we have not increased the store prices since 2015 when that factions server was originally made. Since then, our hosting/server running bills have more than doubled. We have kept the prices low for as long as possible but I think now is a good time to slightly increase those prices to be more inline with other similar servers.

Thanks for reading!