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Want to win some free stuff?

Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, May 4, 2018.

By Tree182 on May 4, 2018 at 8:42 PM
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    Hello Blockdrop!

    Its updates time and sadly I must start on a negative note. Some of you may notice that the staff manager (Im not naming names) has been demoted. The reason for this is that a staff member in Skyblock was abusing his role and was getting away with it because he was friends with the staff manager. Obviously this is not acceptable so they have both been removed. I am 100% against staff abuse and take it very seriously. My main responsibility when hiring staff is to make sure they treat you fairly and with respect.

    The good news is that I have a few ideas for a new staff manager who will create a more friendly staff team and I will be releasing info and updates on this soon.

    Another important thing to update you on is that the mini games (Skywars, Bedwars and Eggwars) are now all changed to allow pvp hacks. The reason for this is that it is impossible to have staff checking every single arena in all the mini games so in the interest of fairness, we will allow anyone to use pvp hacks on these mini games and this will free up staff time to focus more on removing hacks from the other game modes. To be clear, all other game modes are NOT allowing hacks.


    For the new factions spawn (Don't worry its not resetting yet) we decided, instead of getting a professional builder that it might be more fun to have a competition. We decided to hold a competition to see who can build the best factions spawn. The winning spawn build will be used on the live server and the builder will receive $50 (you can have the money either in Paypal or as credit on the donation store).

    The only requirements are that it has a layout similar to how it is now (with the pvp arena joined and the shop underneath etc) but obviously a different theme. The sizes do have to be specific. It needs to be the same footprint size as the current one (96X64 blocks with the pvp arena part 32X32 blocks)

    Once you have build it. Please take screenshots (you can upload them to and post the pictures in this forum:

    A winner will be drawn on the 1st June. I am so excited to everyones builds! If you see a build that you like then please comment on that post as peoples opinions on the post will make a difference when deciding the winner!

    Good look!

    Thanks for reading and thanks for playing!

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Discussion in 'News & Announcements' started by Tree182, May 4, 2018.

    1. EmeraldClone
    2. iiDuckUnicorn
      #2nd post *wishes i was first ;cc*
      btw if you allow hacks in minigames... they would bring that hack into the main gamemodes like skyblock/factions and hack there as well :/ also how to instal hacks ? i like BD bedwars xD
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    3. Supreme_Money
      tree would you prefer us making the spawn in a super flat world?
      or in the factions server?
    4. Supreme_Money
      and does it have to be a 1 person team? or can it be more?
    5. MightyHurcules
      what the
    6. Tree182
      Make it in single player in a super flat world
    7. Tree182
      It can be more but obvs you would have to share the money if you win.
    8. MightyHurcules
      What is this? this is the #1 reason there are so many hackers on servers like this so do you ever want a good server???
      Its NOT a good idea BECAUSE do you really think people will take the time to turn off there hacks if they are wanting to play a different gamemode? Letting people use hacks shows no skill, its not fun for others that can't, dont know how, or won't use them. What are you going to do? link a video or give instructions on how? Good luck. This server will just draw in more hackers contradicting what you have said before to have the staff have more off time then to be catching hackers, want to get rid of them? Dont allow them. your server will die out real fast if this keeps up. Also Pvp hacks? what does this mean, you cant control them if everyone is using them (lmao this is a real problem) like i said this ill grab MORE hackers making it more work for staff.
    9. MightyHurcules
      can you make a thread about this whole problem? ^
    10. MightyHurcules
      As well what does this title have to do with this? Want to win some free stuff?' what?
    11. Silly
      Does credit mean we tell you what we want because I will not give any personal details to the server
    12. MightyHurcules
    13. Neon
      Nicu. But do we build this in single player?
      And if so how will you guys take it if it wins
    14. Neon
      Opps sorry didnt see this one.
    15. letmeinpls
      Ok then
      BTW... Can you take a look at the attentions area in the phone version
    16. Neon
      1- do i need to put every single item in shop with the painting and stuff
      2- the drawing in spawn that has blockdrop logo on it (left and right side) i cant make that
      3-am i supposed to make the warzone area around spawn too?
    17. Neon
      4- i am on 1.8.9 laby mod
      Do i have to make this on 1.12 or higher?
    18. Tree182
      1) no
      2) You need to make your own style, the building can be different
      3) you can if you want, you don't have to tho
      4) Any version 1.10 or below is fine.
      Neon likes this.
    19. letmeinpls
      I am making this in version 1.0 then

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