Custom Skin's!

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Today I am please to announce a major update to Blockdrop. As many of you know, part of the reason Blockdrop is so popular and has been so strong for 8+ years is that we constantly push to add new features that seemed impossible before. People have been saying for a long time that cracked servers cant have custom skins but that changes today.

We now have a custom skin upload form on the forums, capable of uploading any skin to your account. This means that for the first time ever, cracked players can make their own skins and add them to their account.

Im so pleased that we can innovate so quickly and help push the Minecraft community forward with such updates and I’m excited to see what our amazing community will do with these skins. I will be on checking everyones skins now!

Thanks for reading.


$400 of items for only $50? Epic win!

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Hello Blockdrop! Yes you read that right, todays update concerns helping donators out with a greta offer of $400 worth of items, every month, for only $50!

If $50 seems like a bit much then we have a $25 package also available.

I have been thinking a lot over Christmas about how I always see a lot of familiar names showing up on the store and in the discord. We seem to have a real strong presence of committed donators on Blockdrop and I think that this would be a great way to reward them and give back for their loyalty.

The BD+ subscription has had a massive overhaul and now comes with $20 worth of keys per week on your chosen game mode. That is a total of $80 per month, for just the $25 monthly subscription. It also comes with the chat tags, discord tag and the access to priority support and appeals in the exclusive BD+ discord section.

The $50 package is the same as the $25 package apart from, instead of having to choose which game mode you get your tag and keys in, you get...

The sale is (kind of) over (but not really)

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Hello Blockdrop!

We have just finished the Black Friday sale and I think this would be a great time to introduce something that has been coming for a while. We have had pretty much the same prices for ranks/items since 2013 when the server started and now, 7 years later, I think it is time for us to increase our prices to bring us more inline with other similar servers.

When you buy a rank on Blockdrop you get the guarantee that the server is going to be around for a long time for you to keep using your rank. Blockdrop has proved over the past 7 years that we are here to stay!

All prices have been increased already BUT for this reason, we have kept the 50% sale active. This will give anyone a last chance to get the items at the “old” price before the sale ends and the new prices come into force. Act quick because the half price sale will end soon to make way for the new prices!

Thanks for reading.


Factions Update

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Hello Blockdrop

Today I think an update is due just to explain the situation with Factions so that everyone is on the same page. Factions is resetting tomorrow (Friday November 6th). Most other big networks reset around every 2 months anyway and this is in line with that. However a few people have pointed out that Blockdrop normally will wait longer than most servers between resets. This is true, normally we do like to take around 6 months (depending on the game mode) between resets as we believe that it is better to give players the ability to really spend time and building up greta bases/farms etc. The main reason for the factions reset on Friday is down to corrupted data. As some people may know, “lag farms” have been popular on Minecraft in recent months and unfortunately one was added to factions that made it lag and corrupt the data. A great number of big networks have had similar issues and I have been in talks with other server owners on a good way to stop this. We have...

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