1. Trenderz

    banned for advertisement(30 days :()

    Yep, i've banned him for 30 days because he's advertised, but 60d is when you advertise in main chat, while dm advertising happens in someone's direct messages.
  2. Trenderz

    just opened minecraft rn and im banned

    I remember of a similar problem of a person who was banned 3 days before she discovered it, even tho she played normally the day before she found out... It's most likely an IP error.
  3. Trenderz

    #2 hacker on /warp pvparena

    Locked for qara!
  4. Trenderz

    command spam (/afk)

    Locked for qara!
  5. Trenderz

    caps spam

    Dealt with, locked! Thanks for reporting :)
  6. Trenderz

    non-eng + caps

    Dealt with, locked!
  7. Trenderz

    Admitting to hacking

    Thanks for reporting! :)
  8. Trenderz


    There is not a message like "if ya get banned there are forums, but you need to register in-game first", and I know, but messages about the forums exist already...
  9. Trenderz

    Dumb Hacker

    Locked for zombie!
  10. Trenderz

    Can someone explain me this ... oh Yea i know why now

    Locked for zombie, thanks for reporting! :)
  11. Trenderz

    Unfair ban

    Using an autoclicker is still considered as hacking, as it is not a Vanilla Minecraft feature. On this ban appeal, you just admitted to do something against the rules.
  12. Trenderz

    /afk spam

    Locked for ma bud Sk1t :)
  13. Trenderz

    admitting to hacks

    Outdated proof, it's from 7 days ago. Proofs need to be reported at least within 2 days. Denied and locked.
  14. Trenderz

    yis #11

    Clear hacks, player has been dealt with. Thank you for reporting :)