1. Tree182

    Give give reset : )

    ok :)
  2. Tree182


    You are admitting to getting people false banned even in your appeal. We do not tolerate this and any attempt to get someone false banned will result in a permanent ban. Locked.
  3. Tree182

    Bedwars account related bug report

    Yeah you need to stick with the same way you type your name. This is to avoid your account getting bugs related to the name.
  4. Tree182

    False Ban

    I just watched the video back at 17:00 and slowed it down and can clearly see me hitting you multiple times and you barely moving. Asking your friends to comment 'I know him and he isn't hacking' is not proof and just annoys everyone tbh. Denied. Locked.
  5. Tree182

    Explain to the ppl of blockdrop

    Its sad how you jump to the conclusion of 'stolen maps' instead of just realising that we buy them from the same people. Locked.
  6. Tree182

    Suggestion for tree to support Philippines Purchase like GCash and more

    sure, dm me a list of the main ways to purchase for the phillipines and il look into it!
  7. Tree182

    Smh getting false muted by watchdog

    The message that gets you muted also gets deleted from chat so you wasn't muted for saying "Bruh lol" and you know it. Mute doubled for lying on an appeal.
  8. Tree182

  9. Tree182

    New hastag

  10. Tree182

    Mute appeal / for 66k days idek

    LOL. I have better things to be doing with my life than taking your axe. I dont have to deal with your accusations and abuse for something I didn't do and this is why you are muted. I did warn you to stop. Denied. Locked.
  11. Tree182

    nerf axe in bw

    This has been fixed. Thanks.
  12. Tree182

    Bug report

    haha yeah I see what happened here. Ive unmuted you. Thanks.
  13. Tree182

    password changing on its on

    This is not possible for it to be changed by itself. You either gave it to someone or it was easy and they guessed it.
  14. Tree182

    Unreasonable Mute

    Hate speech isn't just 'cursing' denied. locked.
  15. Tree182

    Bedwars Coins Glitch

    This has been fixing now.
  16. Tree182

    Bedwars Coins Glitch

    Being on a leaderboard proves that you had the coins, not that you didn't already spend them.
  17. Tree182

    Bedwars Coins Glitch

    Dont be mean. Also @dabonyou123 They are there, trust me, dont worry
  18. Tree182

    Bedwars Coins Glitch

    Its just for the first 20 seconds after you log in. If you check your coin balance after that, you will see that you still have coins.
  19. Tree182

    fix hit register for 1.8

    Use 1.12. Its way better on Blockdrop.