1. BigBigan

    Lol admit hacks get some help

    🔒 for 🍌
  2. BigBigan

    Caps Spam

  3. BigBigan

    ban appeal

    why would you need the proof of that guy Raininblack?
  4. BigBigan

    ban appeal

    yep no ban history has been found
  5. BigBigan

    inappropriate skin

    ty he/she will still get a warning if he/she still has the skin in game presently.
  6. BigBigan

    Caps spam and Language

    thanks for reporting, dealt with.
  7. BigBigan

    Ban appeal

    what zombie said
  8. BigBigan

    Advertising on bedwars

    gyazo.com to start uploading photos maybe.. I will leave this for you to repost the picture
  9. BigBigan

    Lets have some fun

  10. BigBigan

    Report 9 - admiting to hacks

    ty for reporting
  11. BigBigan

    Report 8 - Stupid Admit to ban evdaing & vpn lmao

    some vpn bypass watch dog, will be dealt with
  12. BigBigan

    ban appeal

    MC name: Ban reason: Ban length: Banned by (staff member name): Do you agree that you broke the rules?: Do you agree that you did what the staff member thinks you did?: Thank you for reposting with this format.
  13. BigBigan


    not bad, also players tend to afk as soon as the game starts at the gen :-;
  14. BigBigan


    only things I know not allowed on badlion is waypoints and mini map..
  15. BigBigan

    f tree all players f tree

  16. BigBigan

    mute appeal

    time has passed also you provide your own proof. This post is irrelevant now.
  17. BigBigan

    Hecker 4#

    This may answer everything in a bit.
  18. BigBigan

    ban appeal

    what is the main thing on all mc stores? If you don't know it's "no refund"
  19. BigBigan

    ban appeal

    In the last thread you made you were asking for a refund on your rank, which is charge back threats that I won't recommend if you want to play again.
  20. BigBigan

    Tree only