1. WallaceIsDead

    Could you check?

  2. WallaceIsDead

    Ban appeal:i am not bot!!!!

    There was recently an influx of bots attacking the server and so a few false bans were made, you will be unbanned ASAP.
  3. WallaceIsDead

    False banned

    Im doubling your ban. Wasting staff time. Denied Locked
  4. WallaceIsDead

    False banned

    this is a staff report. if u wanna talk about your ban go to ban appeals. im talkin about what the staff member did. if you dont have proof this is not submittable
  5. WallaceIsDead

    Banned for having a name

  6. WallaceIsDead

    False banned

    As for you lot arguing in the post, @Lqpy watch your mouth, dont be saying words like 'retarded', its gonna get you banned. @Stabberii you know better then to flood a staff report and say rude stuff. Im watchin both of you and i wouldnt be surprised if both your accounts are banned in the next...
  7. WallaceIsDead

    False banned

    Last time i checked staff reports need proof. Do you have proof?
  8. WallaceIsDead

    mute appeal

    Denied. As you lied your mute will be doubled Locked
  9. WallaceIsDead

    Fake Claims

    Denied, proof was supplied Locked
  10. WallaceIsDead

    We dont have confirm ejects on... ur cappin

    We dont have confirm ejects on... ur cappin
  11. WallaceIsDead

    Can we get to Z?

  12. WallaceIsDead

    Ban Appeal

    denied Locked
  13. WallaceIsDead

    ban appeal

  14. WallaceIsDead


    i added baffle ages ago
  15. WallaceIsDead

    No reason, Just Banned

  16. WallaceIsDead

    Happy Birthday to me

  17. WallaceIsDead

    Banned for Hacks (Forums)

    Proof supplied, and discussed among the staff team. Your ban is being doubled for lying on your appeal. Denied Locked
  18. WallaceIsDead

    React to this post pls

    Pls react to this. I will put all the names in a Random number generator. Whoever gets picked will get $10 worth of stuff on BD, ill dm you and ask what you want. Good Luck
  19. WallaceIsDead

    Can we get to Z?

  20. WallaceIsDead

    Banned for Selling Banned items (i didn't know it was banned item)

    To all of you who think the rules are stupid? you can go play somewhere else we dont need your negativity. Dont talk about that here on someones ban appeal. The punishment anyways is 60d for illegal item. So ill ban you for 120 days for evading. Denied Locked