1. Trenderz

    #2 hacker on /warp pvparena

    Locked for qara!
  2. Trenderz

    command spam (/afk)

    Locked for qara!
  3. Trenderz

    caps spam

    Dealt with, locked! Thanks for reporting :)
  4. Trenderz

    non-eng + caps

    Dealt with, locked!
  5. Trenderz

    Admitting to hacking

    Thanks for reporting! :)
  6. Trenderz


    There is not a message like "if ya get banned there are forums, but you need to register in-game first", and I know, but messages about the forums exist already...
  7. Trenderz

    Dumb Hacker

    Locked for zombie!
  8. Trenderz

    Can someone explain me this ... oh Yea i know why now

    Locked for zombie, thanks for reporting! :)
  9. Trenderz

    Unfair ban

    Using an autoclicker is still considered as hacking, as it is not a Vanilla Minecraft feature. On this ban appeal, you just admitted to do something against the rules.
  10. Trenderz

    /afk spam

    Locked for ma bud Sk1t :)
  11. Trenderz

    admitting to hacks

    Outdated proof, it's from 7 days ago. Proofs need to be reported at least within 2 days. Denied and locked.
  12. Trenderz

    yis #11

    Clear hacks, player has been dealt with. Thank you for reporting :)
  13. Trenderz

    yis #10

    Player has been dealt with, as you just saw. Thank you for reporting! :)
  14. Trenderz

    Report #11 | AbdullahGamerPro

    Locked for Ali :)
  15. Trenderz

    yis #5

    Locked for Ali ;)
  16. Trenderz

    yis #4

    Locked for Ali ;)
  17. Trenderz

    yis #3

    Locked for Ali ;)
  18. Trenderz

    yis #2

    Clear proof, as you can see he did a headsnap at the beginning as well. Taken care, locked :)
  19. Trenderz

    mute evading

    Locked for DBG :)