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    Anyways Locked
  2. JustTheDreamer


    Theres def more than 4 plugins... cl is completely custom
  3. JustTheDreamer

    Infinite TNT glitch ?#2

    Player banned for hacks. Thanks Locked ~Dreamer
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    Survival is resetting. Expect an announcenent soon i guess. Locked
  5. JustTheDreamer

    Tree's Evil (jK iLy)

  6. JustTheDreamer

    When you run out of oxygen

    Ok? Make suggestion on hoe to change if u want to. Nothing else to say Locked
  7. JustTheDreamer

    ISIDOROGABRIEL kill aura

  8. JustTheDreamer

    False ban with fake namechanger hack

    He shouldve made an qccount before he got banned. Theres a reason you need to register ingame
  9. JustTheDreamer

    False ban with fake namechanger hack

    U cant appeal for others
  10. JustTheDreamer

    toxic chat

    Muted. Thanks Locked ~Dreamer
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  12. JustTheDreamer

    Plot Trapping

    Rafay is banned. For the other person, thats not proof. Locked
  13. JustTheDreamer

    yo boii pug made it to top 2 pvper

    Since this is not blockdrop related... locked
  14. JustTheDreamer

    "Admitting to having a hacked Client"

    As said above, jokes or not u get banned for admitting. You will have to wait it out
  15. JustTheDreamer

    Plot Trapping

    So u had time to record urself in water but not the 5 secs after which should be the part where you actually died?
  16. JustTheDreamer

    Plot Trapping

    Please send the full video otherwise the proof will be unvalid and this will be denied.
  17. JustTheDreamer

    Plot Trapping

    Vid is working now. I have a question. Why is there 5/10 secs cut out of the video? From where you are trspped to u at spawn? I didnt see you die?
  18. JustTheDreamer

    Plot Trapping

    Video doesnt play. please send it again maybe via youtube)
  19. JustTheDreamer

    Attempt to plot trap

    Not enough proof as we dont onow wether she actually killed. Denied and locked (I will look into it more about her cuz i have heard some complaints.) ~Dreamer
  20. JustTheDreamer

    Guys a player named sweet potatos muted me for 3 hours because

    ^^^ Follow the format. Locked