Hello Blockdrop! Yes you read that right, todays update concerns helping donators out with a greta offer of $400 worth of items, every month, for only $50!

If $50 seems like a bit much then we have a $25 package also available.

I have been thinking a lot over Christmas about how I always see a lot of familiar names showing up on the store and in the discord. We seem to have a real strong presence of committed donators on Blockdrop and I think that this would be a great way to reward them and give back for their loyalty.

The BD+ subscription has had a massive overhaul and now comes with $20 worth of keys per week on your chosen game mode. That is a total of $80 per month, for just the $25 monthly subscription. It also comes with the chat tags, discord tag and the access to priority support and appeals in the exclusive BD+ discord section.

The $50 package is the same as the $25 package apart from, instead of having to choose which game mode you get your tag and keys in, you get it in all game modes! That is a total of $100 per week (or $400 per month) of items for that $50 subscription.

We will also be giving bonus free items to all BD+ subscribers on special occasions like Christmas and summer!

The subscriptions can be canceled at any time and we may raise the price for these pretty quickly once they start to get popular but this price rise will only be for new subscribers. Anyone who subscribes at todays price will keep that price locked in forever, for as long as they want to stay subscribed, so Id advise to join now whilst its still a great deal!

Thanks for reading.