Hello Blockdrop!

We have just finished the Black Friday sale and I think this would be a great time to introduce something that has been coming for a while. We have had pretty much the same prices for ranks/items since 2013 when the server started and now, 7 years later, I think it is time for us to increase our prices to bring us more inline with other similar servers.

When you buy a rank on Blockdrop you get the guarantee that the server is going to be around for a long time for you to keep using your rank. Blockdrop has proved over the past 7 years that we are here to stay!

All prices have been increased already BUT for this reason, we have kept the 50% sale active. This will give anyone a last chance to get the items at the “old” price before the sale ends and the new prices come into force. Act quick because the half price sale will end soon to make way for the new prices!

Thanks for reading.



Funny if you think about it because if you bought during black friday sale, the price could soon be 4x the cost of what it was then.